What are Doors? Parts of a Door- Size ,Functions, Advantages, Disadvantage

What are Doors?

A door can be described as a structured framework crafted from materials like wood, steel, aluminium, glass, or a combination of these, which is firmly installed within an aperture intentionally left within a wall. The primary purpose of this construction is to facilitate access to the interior spaces of a building, ultimately serving the functional and structural requirements of the overall structure.

The various parts of a door are:

1.  HEAD :- Top most horizontal

2. SILL : – Bottom most horizontal part of door & windows frame.

3. POST (Jemb) : – It is the vertical member in door & windows frome is called post & Jemb.

4. HORN : – This is the horizontal projection of head and sill beyond the post is called horn.

5. FRAME : – It is an arrangement which supports the door and windows.

6. HOLD FASH : – To fix the door and windows frame to the masonry or concrete wall, strong iron sheets are used which is called hold fash

Size of Hold fash – (200 × 30 × 6) mm

For doors → No of hold fash = 3 (on one side)

For windows → No of hold fash = 2 (on one side)

7. STYLE : – It is the outermost vertical member in door & windows shutter.

8. TOP RAIL : – It is the topmost horizontal part of door and windows shutter.

9. BOTTOM RAIL : – Bottom most horizontal part of door and window shutter.

10. FRIEZE RAIL : – Besides of top rail and bottom Rail all intermediate horizontal par are called frieze Rail.

11. LOCK RAIL : – It is the horizontal member in door and window shutter where locking arrangement is provided.

12. MULLION : – It is the intermediate vertical member in door and window shutter which divides the door and window more than one part.


14. REBATE : – It is the depression part of door and windows frame where door and window shutter are fixed rigidly.

15. SASH : – This is the special type of frame, made of light section which is design to carry of glass is called sash.

16. LOVOURS : – Inclined member of wood in door and windows are called lovours.


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