How to Remove Trees Stumps

Tree Stumps 

Getting rid of an old tree stump can be very beneficial to your home because old and dead trees can easily be toppled by high winds and storms possibly causing damage to your property. There are several different ways to remove tree stumps and a few are quite simple. However, some of the methods may require you to find out exactly what your local ordinance board permits though.

The first method is probably the most demanding and involves digging the stump out from the ground, but it is the most common. You can begin by cutting all the roots you can see and digging as far around the stump as you can. Have a pruning saw and pry bar handy to cut any roots that you come across and use the pry bar to lift the stump out. You may have to use a block of wood as a fulcrum, and if you still cannot remove the stump, you must continue digging until you can successful remove it.

Stump Grinder
The first method involves using a common stump grinder, which is a machine that has a motor and toothed arm that resembles a chainsaw. These machines are dangerous to use, so you should take great care when handling them. It is best to ask someone who knows how to use the machine properly first. 

Another method you can use when getting rid of stumps is chemical agents, which are poured into drilled holes inside the stump. The moisture inside of the stump will cause it to rot and then a natural rot will eventually take place. There are many different chemicals available to remove and kill stumps. Lowes sells a few brands.

Fire is another effective way of getting rid of stumps. Using this method depends on your community laws about burning things on your property. However, this method is quite fast and inexpensive. It is done by starting a fire within the stump to burn it out. This is accomplished by digging a hollow hole from the top of the stump and placing charcoal inside. You do not want to create a big fire, so you should remove flammable objects in the area and also have a water source nearby to keep things under control.