Difference Between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

What Is Brick Masonry?

Brick masonry is one type of structure that is made by placing bricks side by side and one above the other with cement mortar used as a bonding agent to form a single solid structure.

There is a different method of arranging brick which is called a brick bond. Some of the brick bonds give more strength compared to others like English bonds and Flemish bonds are more popular.

Also, there are different types of bricks that are available for example clay brick, fly ash brick, and cement concrete bricks.

What Is Stone Masonry?

A structure made by placing stone together and bonded with mortar is termed stone masonry. Stone is a natural building material, stones on cut and dressed to the proper shape, they provide an economical material for the construction of various building components such as walls, columns, footings, arches, Lintels, Beams etc.

According to the arrangement of stone and degree of refinement in the surface finish, the stone masonry is classified as Rubble Masonry and Ashlar Masonry.

Difference Between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

Crushing Strength

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick Masonry construction
has Low crushing strength
Stone Masonry Construction
has High compared to brick


Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick Masonry construction
has Low Durability compare
to Stonemasonry
Stone Masonry construction
has Excellent Durability.


Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Residential building only.Residential and monumental
buildings, piers, docks
and marine structures.


Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Quality brick as facing in Flemish
bond (without any external plastering)
offers a good appearance. But, generally, both internal and external plastering is done over which decorative coating is given for better appearance.
Well textured and color stone capable of taking polish improves its appearance. No treatment is required for improving appearance.

Weather Resisting Quality

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick Masonry construction
has Low Weather Resisting Quality
Stone Masonry construction
has more Weather Resisting Quality

Skilled Supervision

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Skilled supervision may not be required
as no dressing is needed and always an even
bed present for construction.
High skilled supervision is required for
dressing and binding

Fire Resistance

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
More as the brick is burnt at a very high
temperature and of homogeneous composition.
Less as the stone is composed of different
minerals of different coefficients of expansion.

Water-tightness Freedom Form Dampness

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick Masonry construction
has Low Damp-proofing compare
to Stonemasonry.
Stone Masonry construction
has more Damp-proofing.


Brick Masonry

Stone Masonry
Quick bonding is possible due to regular
size and shape of brick and edges.
It requires more time and skilled
labor for dressing stone and maintain
proper bond.

Molding Into Desired Shape

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick can be conveniently moulded into
any desired shape at a reasonable cost.
Moulding of stone into the desired shape
is more expensive and difficult.

Limitation In Uses

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
It is conveniently used in any locality
due to local manufacturing of bricks.
The use of stone masonry is only restricted
to the hilly areas due to the high cost of transportation.

Minimum Thickness of Wall

Brick MasonryStone Masonry
The minimum Thick of Brick Masonry wall is
about 100 mm.
The minimum Thick of Stone Masonry wall is
about 300 mm.


Brick MasonryStone Masonry
Brick Masonry Cost is 10 – 15$ per sq ft.Natural stone masonry cost is $20 – $30 per sq. ft