At present videos are available on website only, there is no offline mode or pen drive available. Student can access subscribed videos in any web browser upon logging in your username and password.

Videos are provided time to time on daily basis and it our honest promise to complete the syllabus of GATE in October 2019. Already a few subjects are completed and uploaded and other subjects availability dates are also mentioned in the subject wise packages details.

There are recorded videos available in this package. These are the latest videos and are updated from time to time with new questions and concepts.

Yes, a question bank comprising of more than 4000+ important questions along with answers will be given to the subscribers. Note that this QB is not available for GATE-2020 subscribers.

Definitely yes, we are providing separate packages for every exam that will consist previous year questions solutions in videos along with expected similar questions for the complete preparation of student.

Second year students are advised to join our 2 year course. This will have added benefits of extra practice questions through videos and tests to check your performance. In the first year of preparation you will learn the concepts and in the second year of preparation you will work on speed and confidence to crack any exam.

Validity of full course packages is generally 1 or 2 year, exact validity is mentioned separately for each package but subject wise packages are available only for 2 months from the date of the purchase.

There is a comment box given below each video, you can post your query below there or ask the query directly in Whatsapp/Facebook groups. A small tip for doubt asking is to mention the time coordinate of the corresponding video or attach the photo of any question.

Practically we have kept it unlimited for a single student. But we have kept some limitations to avoid malpractices or usage of one subscription by multiple students.

No, videos are never allowed to be downloaded by students or anyone. We have strict policy against such practices especially if someone Is found selling or spreading these videos to anyone in person or group. Meanwhile we are also keeping a record of IP address from which any attempt to download will be observed.