GATE 2021

Complete GATE syllabus video lectures till October 2019. Revision videos, All i-pad videos. Extra Questions practice.

Strength of Materials- 115+ lectures

Bending moment and shear force in statically determinate beams; Simple stress and strain relationships; Theories of failures; Simple bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, shear centre; Uniform torsion, buckling of column, combined and direct bending stresses.

-2800 -1400

Fluid Mechanics-85+ lectures

Properties of fluids, fluid statics; Continuity, momentum, energy and corresponding equations; Potential flow, applications of momentum and energy equations; Laminar and turbulent flow; Flow in pipes, pipe networks; Concept of boundary layer and its growth. Forces on immersed bodies; Flow measurement in channels and pipes; Dimensional analysis and hydraulic similitude; Kinematics of flow, velocity triangles; Basics of hydraulic machines, specific speed of pumps and turbines;

-2400 -1200

Environmental Engineering- 65+ lectures

Water and Waste Water: Quality standards, basic unit processes and operations for water treatment. Drinking water standards, water requirements, distribution of water. Sewage and sewerage treatment, quantity and characteristics of wastewater. Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, effluent discharge standards. Domestic wastewater treatment, sludge disposal. Air Pollution, Municipal Solid Wastes, Noise Pollution

-2800 -300

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering- 125+ lectures

Origin of soils, soil structure and fabric; Three-phase system and phase relationships, index properties; soil classification; Permeability, Seepage through soils, effective stress, capillarity, seepage force and quicksand condition; Compaction; One dimensional consolidation, shear strength, Sub-surface investigations; Earth pressure theories, Stability of slopes Stress distribution in soils; Shallow foundations, Deep foundations

-4000 -2000

Hydrology & Irrigation

Precipitation, evaporation, infiltration, unit hydrographs, hydrograph analysis, flood estimation and routing, reservoir capacity, steady state well hydraulics and aquifers; Duty, delta, estimation of evapo-transpiration; Crop water requirements; Design of lined and unlined canals, head works, gravity dams and spillways; Design of weirs on permeable foundation; Water logging and drainage; Canal regulatory works, cross-drainage structures.

-2200 -1298